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The wiener's still on the prowl! Spring 2009 has been a whirlwind of screenings across the country. Encore screenings, added weeks, sold out shows - we've had it all!


We had successful screenings in Austin (opposite the X-Men Wolverine - and still got an encore show!), The Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, and more recently the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon. We've been such a success there that the original 4 screenings have been expanded to at least 15!  There's something about the Pacific Northwest - they love Wiener Takes All!


We're still talking with networks and distibutors to finally get this out. We're taking our time - the bottom has fallen out of the film business, and we are not going to give this away - especially with the crowds we are getting!


Keep your eyes open for more screenings across the US, as well as our upcoming Canadian tour!


Keep in touch, and thanks for your interest in Wiener!


Shane and M.E.






Finalist in the 2008 A&E IndieFilm Spotlight! Click for more info


Playing March 10 and 12 at the San Luis Obispo International Film Fest - Click for more info

Tacoma Film Festival = click for more info

Coming to Thin Line Film Fest in Denton, Texas. Click for info

Coming soon to Temecula Film Fest - Click for info

Played at Rome International Film Festival - click for info

Winner at Atlanta DocuFest - Click here for info

Played at the Woods Hole Film Festival. Click for more info

Sold out at the Seattle True Independent Film Fest

Played at OKC Museum of Art





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